Palm Springs stuff

30 Dec
Restaurants w/ good brunch options

Cabots Museum, Desert Hot Springs

The Spring Day Spa

Sunmor Neighborhood

Korakia Pensione




A stop on the way: The Cabazon dinosaurs
Great sushi place — a little pricey but worth it, esp. out there.

The Palm Springs Tram
Sherman’s Deli

P.S. Modernism Home Architecture tour – map:

Kauffman House
740 West Vista Chino Canyon Road, Palm Springs, Ca

Sinatra House
1145 East Via Colusa, Palm Springs, Ca

Wexler residence
1272 East Verbena Drive, Palm Springs, Ca

Cody residence
1950 East Desert Palms Drive, Palm Springs, Ca

Octolillo Lounge
1111 East Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, Ca

House of Tomorrow
1350 Ladera Circle, Palm Springs, Ca

Frey II
686 West Palisades Drive, Palm Springs, Ca

Dean Martin House
1123 North Via Monte Vista, Palm Springs, Ca

Murray House
504 South Vista Oro, Palm Springs, Ca

Palmdale Railroad Station
1800 South Sunrise Way, Palm Springs, Ca

Miss Cornelia’s Little House
221 South Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, Ca

Gene Autry House
4200 East Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, Ca

Frey II
686 West Palisades Drive, Palm Springs, Ca

Grace Miller house – Neutra
2311 North Indian Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, Ca

Dinah Shore residence
432 West Hermosa Place, Palm Springs, Ca

Bob Hope house
1188 East El Alameda, Palm Springs, Ca

Elvis/Frankie Valle
845 West Chico Canyon Road, Palm Springs, Ca

Jack Benny house
987 North Avenida Palos Verdes, Palm Springs, Ca

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